March 8, 2012

Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99%

Scott Hansleman's recent posting about Dark Matter Developers struck a chord with me. I am one of these developers (for the most part). I haven't authored any frameworks or libraries. I don't have a huge presence on and I haven't attended any conferences (yet).

What I do is work all day on  my company's C# client/server application. We don't use any ASP or web related technology, just good ol' C# and .NET Remoting.

I guess I am a little bit more active than the Dark Matter Developer described in Mr. Hansleman's post. I read lots of the technology blogs and I try to learn some of the "new" stuff. A lot of what I hope to blog about will be my experiences with trying to learn these new things.


  1. At least I was able to google you by "dark matter developer" quickly :)

  2. I found this site when I went to try to register after listening to a podcast of .Net Rocks. You have updated this blog probably as much as I would :)